How to get disability in Kentucky

To qualify for Social Security disability benefits in Kentucky, you must first have worked in a job covered by Social Security. Then you must have a medical condition that meets Social Security’s definition of disability. In general, they will pay monthly cash benefits to people who are unable to work for a year or more because of a disability.

Simply meeting the Social Security Administration’s strict criteria is not an instant approval. Nearly two-thirds of all applications for Social Security disability are rejected. However, you can increase the odds of getting approved if you know the rules and are armed with the right information to make your case. This is where Robert H. Cornett steps in. Working in Social Security disability law for over 35 years he has helped thousands of clients. He will fight to get your the disability benefits you deserve!

Knowing how the Social Security disability system works is key in getting disability benefits, as is knowing how to grease the wheels. What an individual filing for disability should worry about is what they should say while filling out their disability paperwork, rather than what they should not say. The outcome of many disability claims depends upon how well an individual’s disability paperwork is completed. Disability decisions are based upon a lot of information, and the main source for that information is the disability paperwork provided by the claimant at their initial Social Security disability interview. You don’t have to go into this process alone! We understand the struggles of being disabled, and are more than willing to assist you in EVERY step of the process.

Get started today! Give Robert a call at (502) 868-5300. The friendly staff at Cornett Law Office will promptly schedule you for a free consultation. From there Robert will guide you along the sometimes long journey of getting approved for Social Security disability. Because the Social Security Administration takes so long to process disability claims, most people who are approved for disability are owed back payments. In addition, if you are approved for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI), you can get retroactive payments from the time you first became disabled, even if you applied for disability much later. This isn’t all bad news as backpay and retroactive benefits can mean thousands of dollars for successful disability applicants.

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